Randi Pressman's Legacy

pressmann.jpgOur sister always had a love for life and a passion for helping those who found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Randi was an educator; early in her career she was a bilingual kindergarten teacher and went on to sell math and english curricula in underprivileged districts. She had a fundamental belief in volunteerism and donating to causes that effect communities in a positive way. Friendship Circle and Randi share basic values honoring human decency and supporting communities, especially those that help children. Randi was an amazing listener and friend; this organization works to accomplish something that Randi understood well, which is that everyone is worthy of love and deserves a friend. Please help in honoring Randi’s memory by donating with us to this organization.

~ Lauren and Neil
The Jackson and Pressman Families

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Sponsor a child for summer and winter camp
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