Does everyone need a will?

Most people who own property of any type or value should have a will in place. Through a will, you have the power to determine who receives your property when you no longer need it. Without a will, state laws will usually dictate how your property will pass to your heirs.

If you are married, your will allows you to transfer property you own but not property your spouse owns. Therefore, both spouses will need to have separate wills even if most of their property is held jointly.

Is it expensive to create a will?

The cost to create a will varies depending on the length of the document and the time it takes to prepare it. However, the expense to create a will may be much less than future taxes, administrative and legal fees if you do not have a will.

How do I include a gift to Friendship Circle in my will?

You have several options when naming Friendship Circle as a beneficiary of your will. The bequest can be a specific amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate, or a remainder share of your estate. We encourage you to provide for loved ones and those who depend on you for financial support first and make Friendship Circle the last in line.

What information should be included in my will if I name you as a beneficiary?

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