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Our Snoezelen Room has the following pieces of equipment:

Bubble Tubes

Bubble Tubes provide multi-sensory feedback and stimulate the visual system, facilitating the ability to track bubbles and objects. The constant effects of color change are also useful for promoting relaxation, color recognition and visual perception. In addition to the visual benefits, bubble tubes are ideal for providing tactile stimulation.

Star Pattern Interactive Carpet

Walking, crawling, or pushing on this interactive carpet creates a light pattern of slow changing colors. Reinforces cause and effect actions and provides visual and tactile stimulation.

Multifinity Explorer Panel

Creates visually stunning infinity effects by selecting from a number of shapes, colors, patterns and speeds. Includes sound effects and music. Promotes user interaction, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, and cause and effect.


The interactive floor uses projected images and motion capture technology. The system responds to any amount of movement to turn the space into a virtual magical play area. Sound is incorporated to create a multi-sensory experience. It is an immersive environment that inspires activities to engage users of all ages and abilities. The overhead projector is used with a computer to pick the games/activities.

Jumbo Bamboo Fiber Optics

Fiber optic strands are visually appealing and highly tactile. The chunky, translucent strands encase the polymer fiber optics for added safety.

Laser Stars

Creates an animated star display. Using powerful green laser and holographic technology, this projector fills a dark space with a spectacle of animated stars, cloud formations, and shooting stars. Use the Cloud Brightness control to view the different effects.

Wi-Fi LED Furniture Cube

A fantastic, safe way to introduce color, light, and interactivity.

VibroMusic Beanbag

Lush beanbag chair combines comfortable support with deep music-responsive vibration. Ideal for positioning, calming, hyperactivity, relaxing, and more.

Lighted Ball Pool

Clear LED balls change colors, strengthening visual, and tactile discrimination. The ball pool is great for deep pressure sensations and massage.

Shimmering Light Curtain

Fiber optic strands offer clear, crisp, light, and brilliant colors. Extremely effective method of providing visual and tactile stimulation.

Hip Hop Activity Box

Encourages movement, meaningful activity and an understanding of cause and effect. Great for color recognition and matching. There are 6 different modes/activities.